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Find out what's going on in your building pipe system with SPT's investigative services.

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Specialized Pipe Technologies – Sewer Pipe Drain Cleaning

Do you have sewer back-ups, pinhole leaks, or sewer odors in your home or business? We’re here to solve all your pipe problems. Our team of professionals bring the latest no-dig pipe restoration technology to your property. Solve your pipe problems with SPT today!

Specialized Pipe Technologies, commercial and residential pipe lining, provides the industry’s best non-invasive sewer pipe solutions to your home, association, or business. SPT has over 20 years of experience investigating, cleaning and rehabilitating faulty pipe systems and drains from sewer to potable pipes inside or outside the building.

When pipes fail – what’s next? Identifying your pipe and sewer system’s problem areas is the best way to solve them. We provide high quality CCTV video camera pipe assessments. With our detailed pipe assessment report and a copy of the recorded drain and pipe inspection video we will determine how best to solve your pipe problem.

Many homeowners and property managers turn to conventional re-plumbing as a solution to their failing pipes without realizing there’s an alternative. Cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) trenchless lining is the industry’s best non-invasive solution that does not require digging up old pipes in your yard or on your corporate company property.

Specialized Pipe Technologies (SPT) was founded in 1994 as Florida’s first underground video pipe inspection specialists. Today SPT has grown to 10 locations across North America. Specializing in no-dig and non-intrusive pipe solutions, SPT services the most advanced pipe investigative, cleaning, and rehabilitation technologies in the industry. Repair, solve, and save with SPT’s cutting edge pipe solutions.

We specialize in installing Nu Flow Technologies’ patented pull-in-place CIPP lining technology and have installed over 1 million feet of lining throughout North America, commercial pipe lining and relining jobs.

Pull-in-place CIPP lining is a type of installation process that allows complete control of where the CIPP liner cures inside the failing pipe. A two part 100% solids epoxy resin is mixed together and then saturated into a felt liner. This liner is specifically measured and tailored to your pipe.

Access points from clean-outs, toilets, or drains allow our technicians to pull the epoxy saturated liner to the failing sections in the pipe. Before the bladder inside the felt liner is pressurized a technician can verify the liner’s position with a CCTV camera. Once verified, the bladder is inflated and the liner is left to cure. After the CIPP liner cures, the bladder is deflated and a final CCTV inspection takes place.

Installing CIPP lining is the best way to solve corrosion, sewer backups, cracks and other common pipe problems. Our pull-in-place CIPP lining can be installed in a variety of non-pressurized pipe systems from 2-inches in diameter to 30 inches and does not contain any VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Solve your failing sewer pipes without a backhoe with pull-in-place CIPP lining.

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